Savings, pensions, tax advice and asset management for the expatriate community

Independent, impartial investment and tax advice

Ultimately your choice of financial advisor will have a significant impact on your future financial security. Whilst there are opportunities for sound investments, there are also many opportunists and bad practices to beware of.

Choosing wisely

At InvestorCare, we have removed ourselves from the poor practices we see in our industry in order to offer something really different from the majority of expatriate asset management and advice providing services in Europe and Asia. Key amongst differences we offer are:

  1. Fees that rank amongst the lowest in our Industry;
  2. No hidden charges and;
  3. An entirely transparent, client-friendly, charging structure;
  4. You maintain full control over your funds, and we never impose discretionary management clauses so no unauthorised charges or fund trading is possible;
  5. We utilise low risk investments with capital protection and fixed return structure;
  6. We create personalised client portfolios designed to meet client needs and choice.

Our fees rank amongst the lowest in our Industry

We are proud to be a small and independent management firm that takes a responsible and tailored approach to clients’ needs: no pre-structured portfolio templates used by most other asset management firms; nothing hidden and no surprises except perhaps, some good ones.

Affordable, income generating and tax efficient

Working from our UK, Russian and Southeast Asian locations, we have spent the last thirteen years helping clients with financial management and tax planning. Our clients are mainly expatriates from around the World, mostly busy professionals such as teachers and engineers. Through InvestorCare they are able to select, and we manage, a wide variety of affordable, income generating, tax efficient products that meet their immediate needs and provide a secure platform for their future plans. We provide them with investment and tax advice, insurance and retirement planning tools tailored to their specific needs both now and in the future.

Regular face-to-face analysis and forward planning

We travel to meet our clients once every other month, to give a detailed update on their investments' performance and advise on market shifts, potential risks and opportunities. We also plan for the next quarterly term and, with the help of our market analysts, how it is expected to perform.

Work with the World's safest and largest offshore platforms

We work with the World's safest and largest offshore platforms, based in the Channel Islands, Europe and the UK, most of which have been operating for over forty years. Using these established platforms benefits clients intending to return, or to retire back to the UK or Europe as they require no change to the platform for tax purposes.

Low risk investments with capital protection and fixed return structure

Investorcare has clients in the Far East, Southeast Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe, many of whom are required to relocate frequently. We ensure that these clients are provided the same high standards of care regardless of their location.

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